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Datsun Z ZX
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Hello all the Nissan/Datsun Fairlady Z- und ZX enthusiasts all over the world

May I introduce you to my longtime relationship? This metal-plate lady (see upstairs) is together with me and my wife and the only woman who was survived arround me. Since 1984 this Lady and me are a couple and we made a lot of activities together. Maybe it was a bit because of her, why I started to collect model-cars from this typ of car, in about 1986. My very first model-car was a Matchbox 280 ZX in scale of 1:58 from the Lazer-series in the black/red/yellow version. After this I found some more modelcars, books and fan-articles. At last, our kiddy-room is now the Z-room for model-cars only. In 2013 my 280 ZX coupé (2-siter) has become an oldtimer. But she likes to do her job again and again on the roads of Switzerland and all over Europe.

At winter-time, when the Lady in 1:1 is asleep in her garage-box, I have time for my model-car collection. In all the years I have a stock-list with model-cars as duplicates and more. I'd like to find a nice new place for them and have the hope to find new collectors somewhere. So please let me introduce you in this great hobby. For me model-cars were an opener of many doors all over the world. And today I have friends from the USA, Canada, Japan and of course Europe, with this kind of hobby. It would be an honor for me to call you too as a new friend of mine.

Have a good time with my homepage and let's have fun together. Please let me know more about you.