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Conditions of payment and interesting facts

As mentioned, I am not a professional dealer with my shop. First of all, I am a collector. In other words: I am ready to sell my offers, but my favorited way of trading are exchange deals with other collectors and enthusiasts, to the benefit of both of us. So, if you have to offer anything interest for my collection, feel free to send me a photo of your barter object to:

Together with your offer, tell me please what's interest for you out of my shop-list. After this, we could mutually discuss it and maybe we will find an acceptable result for both of us. When we both agree, to finish this swapdeal, send your part of the trade to my address. When your parcel has arrived safety at my address, I guarantee you to send my part of the trade immediately.

If you are interest to buy items out of my list only, please send me your order. After this I will hold your ordered items right to the time, when the amount in Swiss-Francs only has arrived completely and inclusive the cost for fright to your address (see package and dispatch-cost) at my Bank account above. Make sure, before you order, and evaluate the total cost for the money transfere and exchange in Swiss-Francs. The order will be handled only, when the amount to my favor has arrived to 100% at my Bank account.

The transaction with the lowest cost would be Bank to Bank (online banking) transfer. To send the amount to my favor in a registered envelope is at your own risk (no insurance for lost or stolen cash). And I do not use Pay-Pal at all. If you like to use different money transfer versions, please ask me first to explain some possible consequences.

I am so sorry for this not very nice information. That helps to stay friends and can stop any discussions at the beginning.

My Bank-Account:

UBS AG, Postfach, 5401 Baden / Switzerland, Konto-No. 232-91231925.0
IBAN CH36 0023 2232 9123 1925 0
to the name of Martin Indermühle, Heidegässli 11, 5512 Wohlenschwil / Switzerland



F = die cast model
Kit = plastic-kit
Slot = slot-racing track model
R/C = radio controlled model

mb = mint-Boxed
m = mint
c = chipped
sc = small chipped
vsc = very strong chipped
rp = repainted